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Nursing care is as important as medical care in ensuring children's healthy growth.

Our nurse has extensive experience in paediatrics, including umbilical care, skin and mucous membrane condition, hydration, height and weight checks, management of paediatric emergencies and medication supervision (aerosols, inhalation chambers, sample draws...).

Ask her anything related to newborn health and care.

Pre- and postnatal appointments are available at our clinic or at your home.


The best place for newborn after birth is in direct contact with their mother’s skin. In this respect, infant massage is a tool to promote parent-child skin-to-skin contact, which is associated with a number of benefits.

Intense contact is made with your baby's body and emotions through tactile stimulation.

Infant massage classes will cover topics such as baby relaxation, bonding, attachment and techniques to alleviate a number of the discomforts your baby may have (colic, constipation, and gas).


Osteopathy for children is a comprehensive treatment system based on finding the mobility restrictions that become entrenched in tissue and result in a medical condition. The indications for the osteopathic treatment of infants are:

  • Colic in the breastfed baby
  • Constipation
  • Acid reflux
  • Stiff neck in babies
  • Plagiocephaly, dolichocephaly, congenital or acquired deformities
  • Recurrent ear infections
  • Disorders of the foot (cavus foot, flat foot, adducted foot)


Early stimulation

Early stimulation is a set of techniques and activities that promote the maximum development of a child's cognitive, physical and mental abilities. It focuses primarily on the 0 to 6 year age range.

In some instances, after a detailed assessment, it may be necessary to improve specific aspects of a child's development and/or the individual systematic intervention and treatment sequence. At Bmum, we evaluate and diagnose those needs and develop individual action and monitoring plans in partnership with the family, the top driver of the child's potential and the relationships and bonds that the child develops.

Psychopedagogical assessment

Psychopedagogical assessment is the process of collecting and analysing the relevant information that allows us to establish the cognitive profile of any child or young person and establish the relationship between their ability and their overall development.

At Bmum, we assess each case individually and, if necessary, we conduct a psychopedagogical test and a psychopedagogical assessment that matches the child's needs. With the results obtained, we can determine the child’s profile and advise the family on their child’s support or intervention needs: cognitive stimulation, school support, behavioural disorders, hyperactivity, etc.


Winter brings the sniffles and the dreaded bronchiolitis, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions.

Being able to breathe is an important factor in your baby’s well-being and in the proper course of the disease. A stuffy nose will prevent them from eating, sleeping, resting …

Respiratory physiotherapy consists of a series of non-invasive techniques that will facilitate your baby's expulsion of mucus, enabling them to breathe properly and to get rid of accumulated phlegm.


We use a pain-free ear piercing technique that is completely safe and hygienic. We apply an anaesthetic ointment and disinfect the area to ensure safety.

In terms of placement, we offer different options depending on the baby’s earlobe. If you are breastfeeding, we put the earrings in while the baby is nursing.

It's best to put them in starting at age 2 weeks.