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Pregnancy is a natural stage in a woman's life. We have developed the "Bmum method" to help you experience your pregnancy in the best health and care and to help you prepare to have the best delivery possible. We will take care of your baby and monitor their growth. But if you need them, we have specific tests to prevent and diagnose some complications that can occur during pregnancy. 

You'll be well advised by a team of professionals whose sole purpose is to take care of your health and your baby's health. We are always close by to care for you both with trust and respect. Knowing you can call your gynaecologist and your midwife to answer your questions or address your worries brings peace of mind.

    El embarazo puede ser distinto si tienes una atención diferente:

  •  Bespoke care from your first appointment.
  • Direct communication with your gynaecologist and your midwife: don't wonder, just ask us.
  • Accessibility and empathy as the bases of a trusting relationship.
  •  You have the time you need for each appointment. Because every question is important.
  • Inmediate: same-day emergency appointments.
  • Same-day test results.


Few moments in a woman's life are as special as the day your baby is born. It's the day a new stage of life begins and a woman's dream of becoming a mother comes true. We recognise this. We understand childbirth as a natural process in which a woman's body is leading the way to make things happen. Our philosophy of delivery care is based on assisting with your dilation progress in a clinical setting that is also respectful and serene.

We want the couple to be at the centre of the birth, taking care of the mother and child, and respecting your privacy at all times. Every birth is special to us. Because by the time that day arrives for many couples, we already have a close and trusting relationship after months of care. And we want your baby to come into the world in a peaceful, calm environment: no noise, no rush, no crowd. With only the people who need to be there.

We let nature decide when your delivery begins; things go better that way.

  • We’re with you from the beginning of your delivery during your hospital stay.
  • Dilation progress: You are an active part of the dilation process.
  • Respectful childbirth: no unnecessary interventions.
  • Welcoming environment that respects your privacy.
  • Safety for mother and child.


This stage is as important as pregnancy because it involves a major physical and emotional change for many women. We want to continue to be close to you after delivery -- we want to help you with breastfeeding, to get back in shape and to achieve the emotional well-being that you deserve after you’ve had your baby.

At Bmum, you will find the support you need at this stage to be able to enjoy motherhood in every respect.

  • Postpartum Plan: postnatal check-up.
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation.
  • Abdominal separation recovery.
  • Abdominal aesthetics, lymphatic drainage.
  • Postnatal yoga.
  • Hypopressive classes.
  • Personal training.


Assisting and caring for women from the start of pregnancy, during childbirth and the postpartum period are our guiding principles. Bmum ensures bespoke care with a multidisciplinary team of top professionals.

For years, we have assisted couples on the wondrous adventure of becoming parents. We have looked after for health of new mums and their children in an environment of quality care you can trust.

Pregnancy and respectful childbirth go beyond giving birth with or without an epidural, what birthing position women take or whether the delivery takes place in a room or underwater… Respectful childbirth is respecting a woman's decision, taking care of her at all times, giving her confidence in her ability to give birth and assisting her throughout the entire process.

All healthcare professionals must focus on improving care for expectant mothers, respecting the timeframe nature dictates whenever possible and allowing women to decide with all the information at their fingertips but with realistic expectations and from a responsible approach. Medicine must be based on humanisation and information, respecting the patient's autonomy. All in a safe environment for both mother and child.

We collaborate with two hospitals in the Community of Madrid where we perform deliveries.

Chiron Pozuelo University Hospital and Ruber International Hospital.

It is very important for a hospital to be a place where the medical care shows empathy for women's emotions in a safe environment for mother and child.

The vast majority of deliveries go smoothly. But if there is a complication, we must ensure the safety of the mother and child in the best clinical setting.

That is why we collaborate with world-class hospitals with a large multidisciplinary team: anaesthetists, paediatricians, intensivists … And the best neonatal and adult ICU departments.







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