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Our paediatrics and children’s care team have extensive experience and knowledge in safe attachment parenting and their main goal is to look after well-child development and growth, including scheduled vaccination administration and follow-up care. Because Bmum is recognised as an official Community of Madrid vaccination centre.

We have the necessary technology to determine your child’s state of health: paediatric pulse oximeter, otoscope, even examination of the fundus of the eye. We will also perform lab tests on your child if needed, take culture samples and the paediatrician will even administer medication.

If you can't come in to Bmum’s clinic with your child, our paediatrician will come to your home with the necessary equipment to give you the peace of mind you and your child need in the comfort of your own surroundings.

    You are putting your child's health in the best hands with us.

  • Well-child assessment and follow-up.
  • Scheduled and optional vaccine administration.
  • Sick child medical care.
  • Lab tests: blood and urine tests, throat culture and viral serology.
  • High-quality, up-to-date technology: Neonatal and paediatric pulse oximeter, medicinal oxygen for nebulization, aerosols.

Why Us

Our philosophy of paediatric care focuses on tailoring care to each patient, the breadth of experience we offer, and the wisdom that comes from that experience.

La empatía del pediatra con el niño es fundamental. Tu confianza en el pediatra es esencial para saber seguir sus recomendaciones en el cuidado de tu hijo.
No todo es realizar analíticas y administrar medicamentos a tu hijo. Muchas veces la experiencia aporta una visión tranquila de procesos benignos y autolimitados. Y eso te dará la calma que necesitas.
Diagnoses are made based on knowledge. Keeping current with the leading scientific advances helps us give our young patients the best care.
Direct communication: Knowing you have access to our paediatricians by phone in any medical emergency or to answer questions will give you the peace of mind you need.

Official vaccination centre

In order to facilitate the vaccination of our smallest patients, we are a Madrid Health Service Approved Vaccination Centre. Our paediatricians or our paediatric nurse will administer vaccines according to the vaccination schedule.

We also have the vaccines that are not subsidised by the Community of Madrid (rotavirus, meningococcus B …) for the convenience of young and old alike.

You are in the best hands, with the utmost safety at all times.

Well-child check-ups and follow-up

At our well-child check-up appointments, we follow up with the appropriate vaccination at each visit.

The goal of well-child visits during the first years of a child's life is to detect developmental problems and sensory deficits, as well as to provide education about basic habits.

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