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During pregnancy, good physical and emotional preparation is very important for managing childbirth with confidence. The fears and insecurities that often accompany pregnancy prevent women from fully enjoying this time in their lives.

Our midwife’s primary goal is to ensure the patient feels well-cared for and supported during the entire delivery and postpartum process.

Every woman is different and has specific and unique needs. That is why we adapt to each couple’s needs.


The pelvic floor is a set of muscles and ligaments that keeps the pelvic organs in the correct position and facilitates their operation. It also plays a crucial role in the stability and balance of the lumbar spine.

Any process that weakens the pelvic floor (pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, surgeries) can cause problems such as urinary incontinence, painful sex, pelvic pain and back pain among others. In short, it can significantly degrade your quality of life.

Our physiotherapists who specialise in the pelvic floor will properly assess your specific case, with a comprehensive analysis of pelvic anatomy and function, making the corresponding diagnosis and an individualised treatment plan every time. Each patient needs ‘a bespoke suit’.

Bmum offers you the most modern pelvic floor rehabilitation techniques, which will enable you to improve your self-esteem and your quality of life.


Gestational osteopathy stems from adapting osteopathy to personalise manual therapy to pregnancy by taking the important differences into account, assessing and treating at the same time.

On the one hand, the foetus takes up space and causes compression, on the other hand, the structure has to adapt to the new form it takes in the different times and circumstances of pregnancy.

  • Immediate relief from the consequences of spine adapting to the womb: sciatic pain, muscle spasms.
  • Treatment of nausea and vomiting through vagus nerve stimulation.
  • Migraines, headaches, neck pain, tension headaches.


Breast milk is the best food for a newborn during the first months of life. At Bmum, we assist you and advise you so you can breastfeed successfully.

  • Latch assessment.
  • Breastfeeding positions.
  • Problem-solving: cracks, engorgement, mastitis, flat nipple, delay in milk coming in.
  • Manual expression.


At Bmum, we offer fully personalised birth preparation that takes our patients’ different circumstances into account.

You can prepare for expecting and breastfeeding twins, a natural birth without an epidural or a scheduled Caesarean section. We will adapt the preparation to your specific case.

Our midwife can explain the options we offer to you. All our sessions are small-group so that you can feel free to ask any question in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Our prenatal exercise class is a workout that meets all the needs of the pregnant woman while respecting mum and baby's health at all times. Sport during pregnancy will help you get in shape both mentally as well as physically and will help you be better prepared for childbirth.

Prenatal exercise familiarises you with contractions and strengthens your muscles. You will practise birthing positions and get to know your body to facilitate natural childbirth.

If you work on breathing while you are doing your prenatal exercises, you will improve your body’s oxygenation and you will also feel more relaxed.


An ideal alternative for mothers who find it difficult to be away from their newborns when returning to an exercise routine. Discover all that yoga has to offer to your parenting and your baby: mindfulness, enjoyment, relaxation, relief, strength, presence.

In postnatal yoga class, both mum and baby exercise: mums can incorporate their babies into some of the yoga poses they perform, either by using them as a weight to perform a certain pose or simply by placing them nearby and including them in their movements.

Meanwhile, baby gets a massage or gets their limbs gently stretched as mum moves them about. The massages, movements and poses help the newborn’s digestive and nervous systems, so they are ideal for treating colic and helping them relax.


At Bmum, we have the top team of physiotherapists dedicated exclusively to pregnant women. Their treatments and recommendations will greatly assist in minimising all the discomforts of pregnancy.

We have special physiotherapy treatment tables for pregnant women where the pregnant woman lies face down to make the experience more pleasant and relaxing, without any risk to the pregnancy or the baby.

  • Low back pain.
  • Sciatica.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • Back spasms.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage, ideal for restless legs syndrome and fluid retention.